Country Profiles (CHSSP)

AHOP’s Country Health Systems and Services Profiles (CHSSP) provide detailed reviews of a country’s health system, performance, and policy initiatives. They are tailored to the needs of the African region and aligned to the health system reviews undertaken by AHOP’s counterparts in both the European and Asia Pacific Observatories on Health Systems and Policies.

AHOP’s country profiles consist of 11 chapters covering different aspects of the country’s health system as well as an analysis of health system performance and health service coverage. AHOP partners have co-developed a detailed template and editorial/authorial process guides to support the production of each country profile and encourage cross-country learning across the partnership. The Profile draws on the African Region’s “Framework of Actions” to achieve UHC and other health-related SDG targets. While developing the CHSSP documents, AHOP National Centres held meetings with their Ministries of Health and key stakeholders to ensure the Profiles will be of maximum use once available.

Access the 4 pager CHSSP Overview documents in English and French:

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