African Health Observatory Platform on Health Systems and Policies (AHOP)

A regional partnership to promote evidence-informed

policy-making by supporting cross-country learning

The latest developments in health systems policy from the wider network

National and regional health systems analysis, focusing on evidence for action

Updates on activities, upcoming meetings, and how to get involved

Policy Briefs

Summaries of evidence across countries on topics of regional relevance, tailored to the needs of health policy.

In-Depth Comparative Studies

Original cross-country analysis on selected health policy and systems issues, using both primary and/or secondary data.

Journal Publications

Peer-reviewed articles that have been published based on original work done with AHOP.

Country Profiles (CHSSP)

A detailed description of a country’s health system, and policy and reform developments.

AHOP Insights

A range of comparative, cross-country analysis and insights from AHOP.

Recent Activity

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