AHOP Advisory Group

The advisory group is the Platform’s primary strategic guidance body, providing insights on regional and national policy priorities to help shape the direction and focus of AHOP activities and reviewing the annual workplan to ensure Platform outputs respond to changing policy needs.

The advisory group comprises Platform partners, senior representatives from national and international organizations, national ministries, policy-makers and academia. Membership is intended to reflect the breadth of the AHOP regional partnership and to provide the expertise and insight needed to guide activities. Current AHOP Advisory Group members include:

  • Dr Nima Asgari-Jirhandeh, Asia Pacific Observatory on Health Systems & Policies
  • Dr Fadima Yaya Bocoum, West African Network of Emerging Leaders in Health Policy & Systems
  • Dr Ama Pokuaa Fenny, University of Ghana
  • Dr Pierre Ongolo-Zogo, University of Yaounde
  • Dr Mohsin Sidat, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
  • Dr Eliya Zulu, African Institute for Development Policy
Regional Secretariat

AHOP is hosted by the WHO’s Regional Office for Africa (AFRO) who serve as the regional secretariat, helping to coordinate the Platform’s activities.

National Centres

National Centres are research institutions that serve as the focal points for analysis and knowledge brokering within each country. They lead the technical work of the Platform, supported by and working with technical partners to access primary research, academic networks and expertise.

Technical partners

Technical Partners are central to supporting the research and dissemination activity of the Platform. Through institutional partnerships, they bring together health systems expertise and networks from national, regional and global levels. Led by the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE) and the European Observatory on Health Systems & Policies, the Technical Partners Consortium meets annually to discuss approaches to research, analysis and knowledge brokering.

Donor partners

The Platform has received seed funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Additional donors are expected to join as the Platform’s activities expand.

Get involved

As a collaborative partnership fostering knowledge exchange, we are open to all expressions of interest to engage with its work, from both institutions and individuals. There are a number of ways to get involved, depending on your interests and expertise:

  • Researchers and Experts
  • National Centres
  • Technical Partners
  • Regional Networks
  • Donor Partners


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